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We, Delayna and Jennifer, met when we joined the same sorority in college. Although we've kept in touch since graduating, a Facebook conversation about lies told during former relationships and ex-friendships helped us discover our new mission. We were inspired to start a website where people can tell their stories about how they've been deceived by those they trusted. This could be anyone. Friends, colleagues, historians, scientists, religious leaders, political leaders, or whoever misuses your trust.

From there, we realized what we really wanted to do was inspire people to be their best selves, and nothing inspires people more than hearing real-life stories from people who have gone through a difficult situation and have come out the other side better and stronger for it. All because they stopped making poor excuses.

Here's a little about us individually.

Delayna is just a girl, standing in front of the world, asking it not to shit on her too much. Although she graduated with a degree in Environmental Science, Delayna decided, "ugh, that's BORING," and moved to Los Angeles where she's currently pursuing her dream of becoming a screenwriter.

Obviously she's totally practical.

Jennifer, or "the Jenneral" as many know her, is a generally upbeat person with a positive attitude. Despite her jovial demeanor and ridiculous sense of humor, she's been called stone-like and cold--usually by men she's not interested in. Go figure. But not willing to let a joke go unmade, she has locked her cold, black heart away in her proverbial stone castle just waiting for the right cheese bagel to save her from her fate of being forever alone ... by choice.

Attempting not to melt in the "it's a dry heat" city of Phoenix, Jennifer is on a mission to laugh at all the shit the monkey of life is flinging.


We've been blown away by the stories we've received so far, and we know that there are more great things on the horizon for this site. We love our readers. We know we can't change everyone, but we hope we can shine a little light on how people can make themselves stronger and more empowered.

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